Tech.,etaverse -- a paradise nobody wants

The metaverse has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Many famous people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been promoting this idea, encouraging its use. This virtual reality space is in which you can interact with one another through interacting with each other’s avatars in a computer-generated environment. However, even though some people are attracted to this proposed heavenly world known as the metaverse. But most of them are still not ready to adopt it and consider the metaverse as unwanted heaven; in fact, a paradise nobody wants.

Physical interaction is considered to be Better

Physical interaction vs metaverse

People are habitual to physical interaction and can not digest the idea of finishing this physical interaction and instead shifting to a virtual interaction in the metaverse. It is only normal that people want to meet their friends in person and hang out and have fun physically. They do not just want to meet the avatars of their friends and let their avatars have fun while they themselves sit on a computer, controlling it which many people do not find to be fun. It is also understandable that you would want to attend your favourite singer’s concert in person instead of seeing him perform on a screen while your avatar is present there.

Could take a lot of Time

Even though this process is happening very quickly, especially of the way everyone is promoting it. It could take a lot of time to completely switch from the real world to the metaverse, a completely different, new, and unique virtual world. Hence, people are not ready to wait for such a long time and invest in the metaverse when they are not even sure if they will be able to experience it.

Generational change: unacceptable for some

As discussed before, this is a considerable change. The suggestion of adopting the metaverse by many who support this ideology would mean leaving behind the real world. It means every single thing and way of performing every activity will change. It is a process of extreme generational change. Hence people who don’t want their lifestyle to change don’t want this paradise of metaverse to exist.

A Risky Factor — relates to the metaverse

As discussed earlier, this is a huge change that will take place gradually and might take a course of a few hundred years.

Risk in metaverse paradise

Therefore, it’s not confirmed that the idea will succeed, especially considering the fact that many people are against it.

Hence, if people invest in the metaverse now in the hope of getting benefit from it, once the metaverse gains popularity and replaces the real world. Most People are afraid that they might end up losing their money if the idea proves to be a failure – which is a risk factor.

Highly addictive to Gadgets

The metaverse is highly addictive. We have already seen and experienced how the usage of gadgets can be highly addictive. Hence, people might be unable to get out of that addiction in order to focus on real-life issues.

Sexual abuse in Metaverse

People see the metaverse as an unwanted paradise as they fear the rise of sexual abuse through the metaverse.

Sexual abuse in Metaverse unwanted paradise

They are afraid that abusers might take advantage of the metaverse as the avatar of each person can be seen from different angles. The abusers can do whatever they wish with the avatars including sexually abusive activities. Therefore, even though the metaverse will be a paradise for sexual abusers, it will be highly disrespectful and disgracing for the victims. Moreover, finding these abusers in the metaverse and punishing them will be very difficult.

Increasing inequality

The metaverse will increase the inequality rate of this world as it will increase the already existing digital divide. It is because a considerable percentage of the world’s population comes from lower socioeconomic households. They will be unable to be a part of the metaverse due to a lack of access to gadgets.

Less privacy and security

Less privacy and security in unwanted paradise of Metaverse

Privacy and security can not be guaranteed in the unwanted paradise of the metaverse. It is because anyone can easily get or hack the data about another avatar existing in the metaverse. Moreover, some parts of the metaverse might not even be user-friendly for kids. Such things seen in the metaverse will have a worse impact on the lives of those kids and teens because the metaverse will be their world then.

Threat to ethics and culture

It will leave the real world behind once the metaverse makes its way into this world. Hence, people will move towards the metaverse, forgetting and leaving behind all their cultural and ethical values. It will cause a loss of ethics and culture. Hence, it is a threat to the ethics and culture of this world and its people have been protecting it for such a long time.

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