Tech.the impact of influencers on teenager's mental health

Teenagers spend hours a day scrolling on their phones and interacting with completely different people. some Influencers Impact on Teenager Mental Health . This issue has been raised by a large number of psychologists and experts in mental health issues. In this article, we will focus attention on how influencers impact teenagers’ mental health.

influencers' impact on teenagers' mental health

Today's Influencers

social media influencers

The young generation, around the age of 12 and 19, are not only discovering themselves but also discovering the world. Seeing this world through influencers’ eyes might be a mistake. First, we should ask: who are these influencers?

Sports experts, travelers, dancers, or even normal house partners with attractive personalities and a recognizable number of followers become an important part of teenagers’ life. Some influencers might choose to share tips and bits of advice related to daily life, and some others specialize in a specific domain like video games or self-development. Does this mean that all influencers are good? The answer is NO. The majority of people on social media hide their real-life and share only what is good for them. Besides, teenagers still don’t differentiate between what is right and wrong. This gives influencers a higher chance to form their mindset, further explanation will be detailed below

Influencers and teenagers' mental health

Most Influencers only share the bright side of their lives, like traveling, partying, and buying whatever they want, this affects teenager’s mental health in several ways. A certain belief of imperfection will develop when youngers compare their normal life to the perfectly promoted life of wealth and happiness. The perfect life that influencers promote is never the whole truth. When influencers don’t share their downfalls or collapses, teenagers start looking down on themselves and consider their lives as misery.

Negative Body Image

influencers impact on teenagers' body image

_A large number of teenagers have a negative body image; they constantly compare themselves to influencers’ bodies and appearance. Most girls feel ashamed and worthless because their special sizes and body shapes are not appreciated and valuated among influencers. It develops the idea that each follower should have an ideal athletic physical appearance. The consequences are dangerous, most teenagers lose their self-confidence, so they cover themselves very often and avoid showing their bodies. Also, they start to develop negative self-talk, and therefore teenagers’ personality chatters.

Loneliness and Depressio

Teenagers who are very attached to their influencer’s tend to develop some mental health conditions, such as anxiety. from a young age, people become increasingly nervous and panicking even over small daily tasks, and some other youngers isolate themselves from their friends and families. Eventually, loneliness will become a problem to deal with.

A large number of teenagers slowly lose interest in doing enjoyable activities, feel more and more worthless, and have a permanent frustration. In some cases, another serious health issue will appear which is Depression, it is another negative impact of influencers because these teenagers constantly compare themselves to them. Being stuck on endless studying and hard work while seeing others enjoy their bright lives increases feelings of defeat, anger, and worthlessness. Such mental health issues are very common among teenagers and difficult to deal with, especially when they lack emotional support from their families.

depression and loneliness as one of the impacts of influencers

Do All Influencers Have Negative Impact On Teenagers’ Mental Health?

the positive impact of influencers on teenagers

More than half youngers’ mental health is affected negatively by influencers, however, there is a beneficial category that affects teenagers positively. We can find self-developers, sport-experts and many successful people who share their stories and experiences with their audience. they inspire teenagers and give them some motivation to become stronger and better.

Some teens got inspired by the advice and the strength of influencers who share the same experience, this helps them develop healthier habits and overcome mental health issues.

As we have already mentioned, teenagers still developing, and they need care and guidance from their parents. We should also accept the fact that There is both bad and good impact on teenagers by influencers. Therefore, each should pay attention to whom they follow and select only those who are aiming to grow in a healthy and peaceful environment.

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