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The rise of QR codes has been a great way to:

  1. promote your business,
  2. provide customers with easy access to information,
  3. boost conversions
  4. increase customer engagement.

This type of marketing strategy allows them to reach out to their potential customers in a fast and effective manner. In today’s world, users are always on the go, so it’s important that businesses are able to reach out to them in a fast and efficient manner.

How QR Codes can help businesses?

Here are a few quick ways QR codes might benefit your business :
  • Improved brand awareness,
  • A larger audience for your brand’s content,
  • Faster access to the material on your website,
  • More details about your products,
  • Faster and easier way to access your offerings,
  • Access to your social media link is quick and simple,
  • The ability to guide customers where you want them to go,
  • Quite favorable for smartphones,

What Are the Best Practices for QR Code Marketing?

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to creating and implementing QR codes is to add value. This can be done through the use of various promotional activities such as a promotion or checkout. Having a simple and effective QR code can help users easily find what they’re looking for and make them spend more time learning about your company.
Before you start implementing a QR code marketing strategy, make sure that you have the necessary tools and policies in place to capture all the interactions that happen with the code. 
This will allow you to create a more effective and personalized marketing campaign.
  • Make sure that the QR code you are using is of a decent size so that it is easy to scan. 
  • Make sure that it is placed in various places so that it can be accessed easily. 
  • You can add additional information below the code.

How to Use QR Code for a Better Marketing Strategy?

In essence, QR codes encourage communication and participation via a mobile device. The user can receive information from businesses using this kind of marketing technique. Users today dislike anything that takes a long time and is slow. In the realm of marketing in particular, it’s all about being quick and immediate.
The following are some strategies for maximizing QR codes, so you can accurately track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign:

1. Directing customers to a landing page/website

Any landing page or website can be reached by scanning a QR code, including a signup page. By doing this, the inconvenience of accessing the website and navigating the page is eliminated.
To measure your QR code precisely, be sure to utilize a special URL paired with it.
QR codes directing clients to a website
QR Codes SMS

2. Sending a message

This is intriguing because the user will only get the message after scanning the QR code. SMS marketing gains the most from message transmission via QR codes.
Sales, customer service, on-demand product upgrades, and SMS registration with opt-in are all possible uses.

3. Downloading apps

The QR code will lead you to the app’s download page and begin the download after you have scanned it. Businesses have been creative with their QR codes to make them stand out. QR codes have been employed by well-known apps like Angry Birds in their marketing campaigns.
qr codes downloading app

4. Shopping and E-commerce

Businesses typically utilize QR codes for discounts and promotions, which is probably the most common application for them. The customer can also access the receipt or menu on his phone by providing a special QR code.
If you want to make sure the QR code is providing accurate client information, you can run numerous tests on various gadgets and programs. It will be pointless to use QR codes if the testing is unsuccessful.

5. Sending an email

Similar to sending messages, QR codes for emails will enable you to view and track information about newsletters, email marketing, and the success rates of your emails (e.g. open and bounce rates).
In addition, the user has the option of reading the email in question on his smartphone by scanning the QR code. Your email will be available on any platform in this way.

6. Viewing business location

Visitors to your website can just whip out their phone and scan the QR code on your website to visit your office. The QR code can provide precise directions to your company’s location, rather than requiring you to manually look up the address on web maps.
At the end, QR codes are a great way to boost offline interaction by providing relevant information such as restaurant menus, product information, and directions. They are also being used in connected TV campaigns to show ads that are on the TV screen while people are watching TV. Because brands know that everyone is using their smartphones and tablets while they are watching TV, they can easily integrate these codes into their marketing.

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