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Influencers on Social media platforms contributed magnificently to the rise of hundreds of businesses. Influencer Marketing is one of the most efficient strategies today and most businesses choose to rely on influencers for promoting their products. In this article, we will understand the meaning of Influencer Marketing and explain Influencer Marketing and why its very importing for your business

What Is Influencer Marketing?

_the first thing we should know is that Influencer Marketing is a type of social media marketing. Through building a relationship between the business owner and the influencer in order to promote their products and services to the audience. This collaborative work has increasingly developed with the rise of the important role of social media platforms and especially influencers. 

Before providing the reasons why influencers marketing is effectual, we first need to highlight the importance of influencers’ industry.  With a large audience on a specific platform anyone from anywhere can become an influencer. In fact, a lot of people are now dedicating all their time and efforts to become expert influencers with millions of followers, some might even rely on this latter as their first source of income. Business owners have a huge trust and confidence on influencers’ power and look forward on the impact they can place in their audience. 

1. Expert Influencers

There are different types of influencers such as Celebrity, Trendy, and Industry Influencers. Besides other categories, they all have unique features with a specific audience. Usually, Businesses choose the ones who best fit their image and type of product. Influencers nowadays are social experts; they have been collaborating with small and large businesses for a long time. Industry Influencers are favorable for Businesses who are targeting a specific audience. For example, a sportswear brand can offer collaboration with a sports expert Influencer. Another example is where a restaurant owner can invite a food influencer and therefore a real engagement will be followed by their followers. Furthermore, this will not only target the right audience, but it will also provide a detailed description and professional information about the product. This does not mean that Celebrity and trendy Influencer is not efficient, in effect each has their tools and work of magic to achieve the desired goals.

2_Larger audience

With nearly 1 billion users on Instagram, 2.3 billion on Facebook and 1 billion on TikTok we are engaging with different people from all around the world. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande with more than 300 million followers, are not only singers, but also powerful influencers. We can also have other Influencers such as Rena Awada as a food influencer and PewDiePie as a gamer. Regardless of their fields, Businesses take advantage of their massive follower base and rely on them for promoting their services. People pay attention to what these influencers have to say about certain products, they also trust their influencers personal experience and feedback. Recently, large number of businesses have been increasingly growing because of the positive assessment and observation from social media influencers.

3_ Increasing brand Awareness

Influencer Marketing has been offering a lot of advantages, especially for small businesses. Some might choose the traditional way of advertising such as flyers, brochures, and discounts. Though, nowadays most people become more familiar with new brands and businesses through influencer marketing. By introducing the product to a large audience, we start working on one of the essential steps which is brand awareness. Influencers work on keeping the promoted object in their followers’ minds, by always sharing updates on their routine and journal with this product. Thereafter, your business will become familiar among different people. Influencer Marketing is considered one of the best strategies for boosting brand awareness, it targets the needed audience in a short amount of time with minimum effort and expenses.

the growth of brand awwareness

4_Authentic strategy

How Influencers work on promoting business

Influencer Marketing Strategy is only successful with the right influencer. Some Businesses rely on the wrong people to promote their product and the consequences are not as promised. Having an expert influencer is a necessity, they need to understand the basic principles of this strategy. Influencers follow some essential steps that guarantees better results such as engagement. Through engagement they provide the needed information about the product, explain how they function, their benefits and specific traits. Furthermore, they come up with personal point of view with real emotional connection and honest feedback. Adding to that, most Influencers give advices to their followers, they make sure to strengthen their relationship with them through showing care and concern about them. This latter creates an emotional bond, and eventually the audience will have trust in every product they sponsor.  

5_Effective Time and Cost:

Influencer Marketing is the best option for businesses that are looking for a fast and inexpensive strategy. Some businesses spend a lot of money and take a long period to prepare advertisements. Yet all these efforts do not come up with the required results. Influencer strategy is more affordable and the presence of the practical side is a top point over other marketing strategies. On the financial aspect, there is a positive result in ROI. Statics have shown that this strategy has 11 times higher Return on Investment than other digital strategies. This is the fruit of the influencer’s masterful work and also the right choice taken by the business owner.

6_Win-Win Relationship

Corporative work always achieves better results and the outcomes of the Influencer Marketing Strategy have proven this statement. Both the Influencer and the business owner are putting in the effort and hard work, it is a mutual responsibility and also a Win-Win relationship. On the one hand, the business will thrive, brand awareness will increase and there will be a growing ROI. On the other hand, the Influencer will have a strong representation on the platform with a growing community. A strong relationship will be built upon trust between the audience and the influencer, and therefore, this will be in favor for all businesses.

The 6th reason why is influencer marketing successful

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