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are you wondering if you need social media marketing for your business? Then, this article will help you find the answer. In the past few years, there has been a massive growth in the relationship between businesses and social media. Accepting the huge role of the virtual world will help you run your business better, understand your customers and achieve better outcomes.

the role of social media in your business growth

Numbers and Social Media:

Social media users and statistics

Social media marketing (SMM) is as much important as traditional marketing. We might even say in the future that it will take place as the basic tool for all business categories and numbers might prove what we have just mentioned. about 5.22 billion social media users out of 7.8 billion worldwide inhabitants, almost 4.20 billion are actively engaged in social media and nearly 50 million small businesses use SMM. It is very easy to notice that the virtual world became rooted in our daily lives, even some people have their own separate virtual life. Business owners have been considering this latter and are working on growing their businesses on several digital platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Social Media Marketing

A large number of businesses shaping their focuses on social media marketing, the worldwide market is now defined virtually through different aspects, and each business holder needs to be aware of them. Being engaged is a core element of your marketing strategy, this can be achieved through posts, comments, shares, and hashtags. Customers pay more attention to the active business accounts that constantly replying to their followers’ and customers’ questions. This will also work on building your brand awareness and providing affirmative feedback. All that we have just mentioned will be further explained in this article. 

the relation between businesses and social media

Marketing Strategy

Marketing in social media

Marketing strategy takes an important place in the overall business plan. There are a lot of questions that need to get answered while preparing the social media marketing strategy such as: 

  • What is my long/short term goal? 
  • what am I offering? 
  • who is my customer? 
  • how can I effectively reach the customer? 

There is no basic strategy that can be magically applied to everyone, it actually depends on the service, product, platform, customers, and some other factors. However, there are some commonly recognized points of consideration that are highlighted such as setting the goals, specifying the service, identifying the customers, and assigning the methods and tactics of connecting with the audience. Along with other areas of interest, marketing strategy requires hard work for very long hours a day, therefore, placing this part in professional hands will help you grow your business and achieve settled goals. A successful social media marketing strategy will guarantee the very first stage of our next step which is brand awareness 

Brand Awarness

Branding in social media

Brand awareness means how much people are familiar with your brand, the consumers’ recognition, and knowledge of the company’s product or services. To which extent people recall the brand and how they remember the products are two main points that are highlighted while working on increasing brand recognition. “Just Do It” this phrase might remind you of one specific brand “Nike” this is one main goal of brand awareness where people instantly recall a certain brand and business 

Strong brand awareness can be achieved through active engagement on social media or paying for influencers to promote your product. This has a huge impact on your business. For example, it keeps your product on top of mind, it becomes the first thing your customer thinks of, therefore, they start mentioning the brand to their friends and family and then unconsciously the consumer takes part in the promoting process adding to that, not only the brand will be first in mind, bust also first in the market. Today, social media is an essential tool for increasing brand awareness, it can build and destroy brands. This is achieved through the extremely large audience, speaking about the audience… social media provides you the best virtual platform to target your customer. 

audience and customers

As we have just mentioned earlier, social media platforms have the largest audience, which makes them the best place to target your customer. The first step is to start with, customer targeting, identifying the categories, ages, preferences, and likings. And then make sure to reach them in a simple and catchy way. While being active on social media people start to pay attention to the business, they start asking questions and commenting, and gradually, they will start following your daily activities. Answering questions, reposting, and making enjoyable atmospheres is essential for having a large follower base, this guarantees a growing business and an increase in the revenue.

customers in social media
Digital marketing

To grow your business, you should use social media carefully and seriously. make sure to prepare a powerful marketing strategy and take advantage of all the provided tools and options. With professional work, not only you will go viral, but you will guarantee your place on the top list in the market.  

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