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Social proof is the influence that a certain action of one person has on another.

This phenomenon is important in digital marketing and can be used to

effectively increase your conversion in various ways.

Below we will list 11 Proven Ways How To Use Social Proof To Increase Your Conversion:

1. Appointing Brand Ambassadors

Appointing brand ambassadors can be very helpful in promoting a business or company etc. online; It is because when people see those brand ambassadors using a product by your company or talking positively about it, it will leave a good impression on their mind about the company and will approach it, which will increase your conversion. The suitable ambassadors for such jobs are usually celebrities and experts of social media influencers who people tend to follow. Once you have collaborated with them, they will post content related to your company (e.g. a video/picture of them using a product from your company) on their social media accounts. Once their followers see such content, they will view the product to use it to follow the celebrity or expert you have chosen as an expert due to social proof.

2. Letting Experts Take Over Your Social Media

Proven Way To Use Social Proof

Appointing brand ambassadors would mean that the ambassadors will post content related to your product/company on their social media accounts. Similarly, you can invite the same experts to take over your social media and let them post or put stories on your account. As a result, people visiting your account get attracted to it due to the phenomenon of social proof. It will help increase your conversion rate. Moreover, when you let those experts take over your social media, they can go live. As a result, the people who join live sessions will believe that the expert greatly trusts your company and product. Thus, this social proof will help build the trust of your company amongst the public.

3. Arranging A Social Media Event With Experts

Arranging a social media event and inviting experts to the event to talk about your product/company increase your conversion. It proves to be very beneficial and can have a positive influence on the crowd present there. The crowd present physically or digitally gets influenced by experts’ social proof.

4. Using Influencer Marketing

Sending PR packages to social media influencers who have a strong social influence on the people of a particular area. They are celebrities in the said area; sending them PR packages can also be an effective way to increase your conversion rate. The influencers can then post pictures or videos of them with the product. As a result, people who admire those influencers will get attracted to the product.

5. Posting User-Generated Content


Posting user-generated content on your account will show the contentment and satisfaction of users. The public will be able to trust your company and product. It is social proof to deal with the effect of a mass of people endorsing your product or brand on the public.

6. Using Shout-Outs For Promotions

Another way is to use shout-outs for promotion. You can generate content using those shout-outs e.g reading them aloud in a video or event. Make sure to express your gratitude for the shout-outs in the process. After you have done this, wait for the wisdom of the crowd to show its magic again.

7. Sharing The Reviews Of Contented Customers

Sharing reviews will have a similar effect as posting user-generated content and shout-outs. It is because it will show the satisfaction of customers and attract more people through social proof.


Customers reviews & Feedback

8. Sharing Milestones

Creating social proof can also be made possible by sharing milestones. For example, if you have reached a certain number of users or followers, you should mention it and express gratitude. It will not only be a way of thanking your supporters but also telling those who do not follow, use or trust your company about a good mass of people who are content with your services towards them. It will, as a result, create social proof.

9. Encouraging Customers To Leave A Good Rating On Your Page

It is a way of telling people that customers are satisfied with your services and you are a trustworthy brand. Hence, it will create social proof and help to increase your conversion.

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating

10. Featuring Experts, Celebrities or Influencers In Your Advertisements

It creates social proof in such a way as to appoint brand ambassadors because people admire these experts, celebrities and influencers. Hence, in a desire to follow them, they will visit your brand, which will increase your conversion. It will make your advertisements more meaningful, and airing them makes your brand more cost-effective.

11. Mentioning The Size Of Your Customer Base (in ads/bio of social media pages)

It will again show that people are satisfied with your services and attract more people by seeking the attention of more people who will now find you trustworthy. Hence, it will create social proof, and since more people will visit your website, it will increase your conversion.

Therefore, creating social proof in any of the above ways will highly increase your conversion. It, as a result, will surely boost your business.

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