BusinessMaintain Global World Food Security
Global world food security is a crucial matter that is inevitable to ignore at any cost. This security not only refers to maintaining the global world food security but also includes the matter of the adequacy of the food. It means that it needs an assurance that everyone has access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food.

Factors Leading To Global World Food Insecurity

To assure global world food security, it is first necessary to understand such issues that are acting as a threat to it.

G;obal warming


One major factor is global warming which leads to low food production. As a result, it acts as a threat to global food insecurity as many foods are hard to grow in the excessive heat and adapt to the rapid changes in the climate.


Chemical Pollution by Factories
Moreover, water pollution also leads to low food production, 
and even the food grew through this
 water might not be safe for human consumption, which leads to global food insecurity.
Similarly, the loss of farmland also makes the production of food difficult. So this leads to food scarcity and global food insecurity.
Conflicts also greatly affect global food security when crops undergo destruction and food supply is cut off.

Why Should World Food Security Be Maintained?

Global world food security is a must to maintain, or else many areas of the world will experience famine, social unrest, debt and inflation.

Solutions to Maintain Global World Food Security

To maintain global world food security, we must first eliminate all the factors that act as a threat to it.

Fighting Global Warming

The conditions global warming is causing on Earth are acting as a hurdle in the production of much food. Thus, it has greatly threatened global world food security. We have to defeat global warming to have food security as well as our planet’s safety.

Afforestation Projects

Aforestation Projects


Launching afforestation projects will greatly reduce the impact of global warming. As trees help maintain the temperature through transpiration.


Encouraging the Use of Public Transport

Encouraging the use of public transport can also be of great help when it comes to reducing the impact of global warming

Public Transport

on the growth of crops and food. It means fewer vehicles will result in fewer greenhouse gases in the air. As a result, the atmosphere will trap less heat, and crops can grow in their natural environment.

Controlling the Loss of Farmland

Building less land-consuming buildings

Less land consuming buildings


When people will use farmland for the construction of cities, it results in no land for cultivating crops. Hence food shortages occur ,Therefore, we should build fewer land-consuming buildings like apartments and flats lt instead of houses that consume more land and accommodate fewer people.

Putting an End to Water Pollution

Controlling water pollution is necessary to maintain global world food security. Foods and crops grown with such polluted water are unhealthy for people who consume them.

Banning Companies from Dumping Their Waste in Water Bodies

This can be of great help because chemical waste from companies is a major pollutant which pollutes water bodies. Since crops are usually irrigated through water from these water bodies, it makes food production difficult and less safe. Hence, if governments ban these companies from dumping their waste in water bodies it will reduce the level of polluted water. As a result, crops will be easily irrigated through safe water which will help maintain global world food security.

Using Less Harmful Chemicals in Fertilizers

Global World Food Security

While it is important to use fertilisers to meet the demands of the rapidly growing population but should realize that these fertilisers contain as less harmful chemicals as possible to assure the safety of the food. Thus safe and sufficient food will be available to the people, which helps maintain global world food security.

Helping In Times of Conflict

During a conflict or war, not only food supplies but ties between various countries are also cut off. Crops are also destroyed at a large scale as a result of the mass destruction caused in times of war and conflict. Hence, food scarcity occurs and it threatens global world food security. Therefore, countries or areas that are not affected by the conflict should send help to those who are facing food scarcity issues. The help can be in the form of financial aid or food to accommodate the people who have lost their sources of food.
If we act according to these solutions and help one another, it will help to maintain global world food security. As a result of these efforts, everyone will be able to enjoy safe and sufficient food.

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