BeautyBodyCosmetic Surgery is a hot topic among the beauty world. As some see it as a good thing, others strongly disagree. So, in which way does plastic surgery affect self-confidence ?

Cosmetic Surgery, also known as plastic surgery is a highly controversial topic in the beauty world, especially in anything self-confidence related. 

When some see it as a craze that has taken a toll on the world to chase unreachable perfection, others see it as a way to improve or “fix” something in your physical appearance.

So, as the title questions: Does cosmetic surgery affect self-confidence? And if yes, in which way does it affect it ?

When Did Cosmetic Surgery Begin ?

Cosmetic Surgery: As much of a hot topic this is, we don’t see enough people talking about its’ origins, or how it began.

Tracing all the way back to ancient dynasties , people would accept to go under the knife to improve their physical appearance: From skin grafts in Ancient India (800 BC), to the first breast implant in 1962 till we reach modern plastic surgery. Human beings prove to be always on the pursuit of self-improvement.

But this medical procedure that was once exclusive to reconstruction and making people feel whole again, is now seen by many as a “trend” and a “craze”. 

When did such views on cosmetic surgery start ?

Cosmetic Surgery: A Mental Jeopardization ?

Plastic Surgery Addition Can Lead To Unhealthy Mental Disorders

The opinions on this topic are really diverse. So let’s start by debunking why some are very critical of this medical procedure:

It is no news that the crazy growth of plastic surgery went hand-in-hand with this of social media. Being on the internet subconsciously influences you into submitting to the unrealistic beauty standards we see on the daily: flawless skin, perfect white teeth, ideal body proportions … you name it !

It’s In Our Human Nature !

As regular human beings, we are highly influenced by pictures.

Psychologically speaking, humans are obsessed with self-improvement. We always strive toward being perfect to compensate for a sense of inadequacy.

Not all people are on the same mindset though. When some are simply influenced, others develop mental disorders such as BDD.

Social Media’s Influence On Self-Confidence

Your favorite celebrities and social media figures are role models for countless people who look up to them. This idolization made us forget that what we see is not 100 % real.

Social media proves to be the biggest influencer in our modern age, even on mental health.

Plastic Surgery: A Self-Confidence Booster ?

Happy and Confident Patient After Cosmetic Surgery Results

As stated before, the point of views on this subject are different. Let’s now shift to the pro-cosmetic surgery party !

A Life Saver

Critics of cosmetic surgeries tend to forget that this type of medical procedure is not only limited to nose jobs and liposuction : It can be a life saving operation as well.

Babies with birth defects, people who suffer from deformities, bodily damages because of accidents, etc. Having these issues fixed can make a person’s confidence sky-rocket! Cosmetic surgery can truly be a life savior.

Scientifically Proven

Let’s mention a study by the University of Basel: The research examined the effects of plastic surgery on about 550 patients, and revealed how many felt a considerable boost on how they felt about their self-image.

The study shows like next:

Positive Feedback 96%
Negative Feedback 4%

Self-esteem Hero

Body positivity. People who undergo cosmetic surgeries shouldn’t be judged for it. It doesn’t matter if the “issue” is big or small, the satisfaction and happiness of a human being should be prioritized.

Insecurities can be loud sometimes. Everyone deserves to live and look like how they feel comfortable.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Beauty or Beast ?

Patients can develop mixed emotions after cosmetic surgeries. Some can be positive, while others can harm the patient in various ways, which brings us to the question of " is cosmetic surgery beauty or beast ?"

Beauty or Beast ? Honestly, there is no definite answer to this.

If we were the ones to be asked to answer this, we would only say moderation.   

Wonder why ? 

Since plastic surgeries are two-edged swords, all we can advise for is to not go overboard with it. Although it’s a great tool to permanently fix something, some people will mistake this “power to change” and abuse it. 

Being stuck in an endless loop of dissatisfaction will only result in what everyone fears, and it’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

People can get addicted to changing the smallest flaw in their appearances, and it would only escalate to mental disorders.

In A Nutshell

Inspirational quote "be the best version of you"

To conclude, we should never be too judgmental nor go overboard on this topic.

As humans we should accept the fact that “perfect” is unreachable. Either you are for or against plastic surgery, thinking about going for it or anywhere in between, you should never have unrealistic expectations for it. 

At the end of the day, our “flaws” are what make us special, not perfect. 


“Beauty is the illumination of your soul” – John O’Donohue 

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